Intro rose industry

Just like the Keukenhof De Rozenhof Lottum would like to be the stage for the Dutch floriculture, with emphasis on sustainable healthy roses and rose rootstocks. De Rozenhof Lottum is the unifying and stimulating platform for the horticultural industry.
De Rozenhof is developing more and more into an extension of the business market, from a sustainable rosary with certified top roses, a rose knowledge centre, a reference and experimental garden, up to an assessment garden for ‘Excellence Roses', in short, as a stage for the queen of flowers blooming from May to November in all colours and with distinctive and unique features in sustainability, health, fragrance, and multifunctionally applicable.
In De Rozenhof Lottum the latest developments are demonstrated and tested in practice. Rose cultures are being compared. Here all knowledge for consumers, tourists, greenery schools, and park maintenance services are available. This is where rose growers, breeders, business market parties and consumers meet.
Thus the image of the queen of flowers is more and more a healthy, low-maintenance sustainable plant, used in public and private gardens, parks, as well as on terraces and balconies as shrubbery.