Explanation ADR-Roses

Just about all ADR roses (‘Allgemeine Deutsche Rosenneuheitenprüfung’) are to be admired in the garden of De Rozenhof Lottum.
It has been since 1950 that in Germany the assessment for obtaining the German ADR-certificate was established. Until now it has gained a good reputation in the market.
When entered in the 11 ADR-assessment gardens, the roses are evaluated on 13 criteria for a period of 3 years. After gaining the ADR-certificate the rose is reviewed on an annual basis and every time needs to achieve a score high enough to keep this designation.


Excellence and ADR-title
In 2016 15 varieties of roses were given the title for Excellence Rose as well as ADR Rose:
Rosa Aprikola ®
Rosa Asperin ® Rose
Rosa Eliza®
Rosa Fortuna ®
Rosa Garden of Roses ®
Rosa Gebrüder Grimm ®
Rosa Heidetraum ®
Rosa Maxi Vita ®
Rosa Postillon ®
Rosa Rally ®
Rosa Resonanz ®
Rosa Rosenprofessor Sieber ®
Rosa Rotilia ®
Rosa Schneeflocke ®
Rosa Westzeit ®