Explanation Excellence Roses

After in 2013 the Product Board for Horticulture (ProductschapTuinbouw (PT)) terminated its activities, consequently all inspections, certifications and promotion of the brand TOPROOS threatened to get cancelled. To avoid this, after intensive consultations with the professionals performing the assessments, the various Dutch and Belgian Rosaries, the Dutch Rose Association and the Sectional Group of Roses and Rose rootstocks established the Excellence Roses Foundation. The foundation consists of independent representatives of known rosaries and assessment gardens in the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as independent professionals in this field.
The main objective of ‘Excellence Roses’ is promoting healthy and sustainable roses, that best grow and bloom in our climate without the use of chemical pesticides. To consistently reduce the use of chemicals the ‘Excellence Roses’ need to have a natural strong resistance against (fungal) diseases.
The most important qualities of ‘Excellence Roses’ are good health, richness in flowers, growing power, shape & colour and self-cleanliness of faded flowers. Also important is providing information and education about its sustainability to the consumer, horticultural schools, park departments and (landscape) gardeners.
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More info on: www.excellenceroses.eu/

Participating rosegarden:
- Rosarium Boskoop
- De Rozenhof Lottum
- Rosarium Westbroekpark The Hague
- Rosarium Winschoten in the Oldambt municipality
- Het Rivierenhof, provincial park in the Antwerp region
- PCS Sierteelt in Destelbergen