General Information

Ample free parking, you will find ‘De Rozenhof Lottum’, a unique combination of a Top-Rose-certified garden and rose knowledge centre.
In this garden the healthiest roses, i.e. Excellence en ADR-certified, growing and blooming best in the West-European climate, are to be admired. Here no chemical pesticides are being applied.
In the rose garden of ‘De Rozenhof Lottum’ just about all varieties of top roses with the European certificate 'Excellence-Rose' and with the German certificate 'ADR-rose' have been brought together. These roses have proven themselves a sturdy species, growing and blooming strongly in our climate without the necessity of using chemical pesticides. The Excellence-assessment garden is part of the Top Rose garden in Lottum.
The rose garden also shows the versatility of the rose, not only for private use, but also for wholesale users like municipalities and public park gardeners.
In a separate part of the garden mainly fragrant roses are on show.
In the demo-field the visitor can learn about all stages of rose culture through the years, from rose-hip to healthy blooming rose.
‘De Rozenhof Lottum’ feels strongly about sustainability, which is part of the main objective of ‘De Rozenhof’: ‘Promoting the existence of many strong, healthy, rich and continually blooming roses, which are less and less sensitive to illnesses and which give good results without the use of chemicals in gardens, plantations, terraces and balconies.
Dozens of volunteers see to the garden maintenance, run the Rose Knowledge Centre and the organisational aspects of ‘De Rozenhof Lottum’.

The Top Rose garden in Lottum is the perfect stage for consumers, as well as professionals, to which it serves as a reference garden to examine all Excellence and ADR-roses.
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